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Cavan Scott

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From Den of Geek - Just released from Titan Comics, Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor - Weapons of Past Destruction is a five-part mini-series set between the episodes "The Doctor Dances" and "Boom Town." In the adventure, the Doctor, Rose, and Captain Jack Harkness stumble upon an adventure in which, obviously, the fate of the entire universe hangs in the balance.

The reason this comic succeeds so perfectly is the writing of Cavan Scott and the art of Blair Shedd. Along with co-writing the reference book Doctor Who: Who-logy, Scott worked on a variety of Doctor Who audio adventures (including co-producing several featuring the wonderful Iris Wildthyme expanded universe character).

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Great News

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The BBC announced Monday (March 30) that Williams is joining the British staple in the fall, but details about her part or number of episodes are being kept under wraps.


"We're thrilled to have Maisie Williams joining us on 'Doctor Who,'" says executive producer Steven Moffat. "It's not possible to say too much about who or what she's playing, but she is going to challenge the Doctor in very unexpected ways. This time he might just be out of his depth, and we know Maisie is going to give him exactly the right sort of hell.

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Sqwee. New Toy. Complete with moving ears, light up eyes and extending nose probe, our faithful K-9 is at your service. Just use the app on your IOS or Android device to control the Doctor Who K-9.

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Celebrate New Who 10 years

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The Audio Adventures Of Doctor Who

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From Toy Box -There's a world of stories out there that if you just watch the show, you're missing out on!

Check Out The Eighth Doctor

He's only appeared on TV twice, but the Eighth Doctor has had an incredibly long life on Audio (remember all those names he checks before regenerating in Night of the Doctor? Those are the companions he had throughout the audio series!) - in fact, if you take those stories into account, he's technically the longest running Doctor ever! But if you've never experienced Classic-style Doctor Who, dipping into the Eighth Doctor's audio stories is as about as close as you'll get to NuWho style stories on Audio.

The Seventh Doctor's developing nature as a manipulator, as something darker than what had gone before, has evolved on Audio to fufill the promise of the original show

The brusque nature of the Television Sixth Doctor has slowly been turned into a more sympathetic grump, softened by his time travelling but still endearingly pompous and full of himself.

The Fifth Doctor, of course reprised by Peter Davison, with 4 part stories that are two hours long set a good pace. The 2014 series The Fifth Doctor Box Set is a pretty good stepping point, containing two adventures set early on in the Fifth Doctor's life featuring Tegan, Nyssa, and for the first time since he left the show, Matthew Waterhouse as Adric.

It's Tom Baker at his Tom Baker-iest, and with a voice as lovely as his, he's practically perfect for audio. Want some classic, gothic-horror style Fourth Doctor? Look no further than the Phillp Hinchcliffe Presents set, featuring two stories from the man who oversaw Doctor Who's gothic-esque mid-70's era.

Although there's a monthly series of Doctor Who stories featuring a revolving cast of Doctors and Companions in standalone one offs, Big Finish has far more to provide for stories about the wider Doctor Who universe. There's spinoffs, and Several 'Lost Stories' plays exist too, stories based on scripts and ideas originally produced for TV but discarded for one reason or another.Its a lot of fun

Want to listen but worried about shipping charges for CDs? Big Finish sells all of their Doctor Who material as digital, drm-free downloads that you can purchase world-wide through their website.


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