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Steampunk Day at Old town

Posted by goldenplum on May 28, 2015 at 9:15 AM Comments comments (0)

From Old Cow Town Musium @ https://www.facebook.com/events/674350979376748/  -

Visitors to Old Cowtown Museum are used to seeing the Victorian era portrayed true to form, but when Steampunk Day arrives on Saturday May 30, they will experience a re-imagined, more advanced 19th century straight out of a Jules Verne or H.G. Wells novel.


Simply put, Steampunk is Victorian science fiction that includes some influences from turn-of-the century Barnum & Bailey carnivals. During Steampunk Day, several hundreds of Steampunk fans will be strolling Cowtown’s streets dressed in traditional 19th century fashion accessorized with mechanical gadgets, goggles, gears and other pre-modern imaginative technology. The cornerstone of the Steampunk movement is taking modern inventions – the Internet, weaponry, clocks – and re-imagining how they would look had they been created with Victorian technology and materials.


Steampunk Day entertainment will include

- Airship Vindus – an all-day display and 2 panel presentations with this filmmaking Airship group from Colombia, Missouri

- Airship Nox

- Wasteland Salvage Company

- Beard & Mustache Competition and Costume Awards

- Dr. Dillinger’s Dime Museum & Show

- Kids Steampunk Crafts

- “Fraternal Organizations of the Victorian Period”- Presentation with original artifacts

- An Airship Canon

- The Glorious Steampunk Pentathlon (featuring three Airship Companies)

- Steampunk Vendors

Auroras on Mars

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From NASA -One day, when humans go to Mars, they might find that, occasionally, the Red Planet has green skies.

"It really is amazing," says Nick Schneider who leads MAVEN's Imaging Ultraviolet Spectrograph (IUVS) instrument team at the University of Colorado. "Auroras on Mars appear to be more wide ranging than we ever imagined."

This isn't the first time a spacecraft has detected auroras on Mars. Ten years ago, the European Space Agency's Mars Express found an ultraviolet glow coming from "magnetic umbrellas" in the southern hemisphere.

Unlike Earth, Mars does not have a global magnetic field that envelops the entire planet. Instead, Mars has umbrella-shaped magnetic fields that sprout out of the ground like mushrooms, here and there, but mainly in the southern hemisphere. These umbrellas are remnants of an ancient global field that decayed billions of years ago.

"The canopies of the patchwork umbrellas are where we expect to find Martian auroras," says Schneider. "But MAVEN is seeing them outside these umbrellas, so this is something new."



According to the MAVEN data, solar particles that caused the "Christmas lights" penetrated deeply into the Martian atmosphere---sparking auroras less than 100 km from the surface. That's lower than auroras on Earth, which range from 100 km to 500 km high.

Like Mars Express 10 years ago, MAVEN has an ultraviolet camera, so it is not seeing the same thing as human eyes. What would a human see?

Schneider isn't certain. "We’re still doing the physics," he says, "but we have some educated guesses."

Although the Martian atmosphere is primarily CO2, it does contain some oxygen--and that is key to the color of the auroras. Excited oxygen atoms in the Martian atmosphere would likely produce green light.

"A diffuse green glow seems quite possible in the Mars sky, at least when the Sun is throwing off energetic particles," says Schneider.

What is it like to be Davros?

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Doctor Who star terry Molloy talks about playing the sinister leader of the Daleks Davros in the long running and beloved science fiction series. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWnH2XksZVo" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Please click here ti view the video.

incredibly British things in Doctor Who explained

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From Radio Times - Jammie Dodgers 

A biscuit (cookie) in which two layers of shortbread are stuck together with (you guessed it) a smear of raspberry jam.

It’s a British favourite, and it’s British through and through. As well as bearing a passing resemblance to the patriotic ‘Empire Biscuit’ (two layers of shortbread, jam filling but with icing/frosting on top) the name ‘Dodger’ comes from the long running children’s comic book

Jelly Babies

The favourite of Tom Baker’s Doctor are sort of like Gummi Bears. Well, not really. Instead of bears they are shaped like, well, babies and they are incredibly soft and delicious.

Thunderbirds/Captain Scarlet

On first seeing UNIT’s flying airship the Valiant, many Marvel comic book fans immediately thought ‘Helicarrier’. However, British nerds –and the Doctor– were more likely to think ‘Cloudbase’. This was the floating aircraft carrier that appeared in 1960s children’s show Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons.

Captain Scarlet was one of the many puppet shows from the legendary Gerry and Sylvia Anderson. Their stable also produced such classics as Stingray, Joe 90 and the live-action Space: 1999. Their most famous accomplishment remains Thunderbirds, about a family who use amazing machines to rescue people in distress.

All of this is relevant in that not only are the Anderson shows well known, there were a lot of them, and sometimes even the Doctor gets confused. When the Doctor claims to be “Captain Troy Handsome of International Rescue” in the Lodger, he’s conflating Troy Tempest from Stingray and International Rescue from Thunderbirds. Most recently in Death in Heaven, the Doctor calling the Valiant ‘Cloudbase’ led to an incredibly nerdy discussion of the differences between all of the shows.

More here

text posts

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