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love isn't an emotion,it's a promise

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Are you OK ? No

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Clara and the Queen

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Jenna-Louise Coleman (Clara on the show) got to meet the Queen when Elizabetth II toured the BBC on June 7th.  From the Jenna herself.

"The Queen and I had a conversation about time-travel, and I told her I am the Doctor's assistant and we get to travel anywhere in all of time and space, to which she replied "That must be fun" - to which I replied it really is, it's marvellous, not knowing where you're going to be from one week to the next."

It looks like fun. The Queen is such a fan.

and the rest of the story can viewed here.




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Coming soon to IDW comic books in September The 11th Doctor, Clara along with  Oscar Wilde, Calamity Jane, and Thomas Edison will be in DeadWood. Called Dead Man’s Hand it will be a 4 part mini comic and come out in September. This will give us a little bit of fun while we wait for the November 50th Anniversery.  More from Comic Book Therapy.


Tony Lee has written many of IDW‘s greatest Doctor Who adventures. Last year, after an impressive run on the comic based on the cult classic show, he decided it was time he turned in his key to the TARDIS. Andy Diggle stepped in and has been doing a great job with the new volume of Who stories in the wake Lee‘s departure. Now it’s Diggle who is going to take a short break as it was announced today at IDW‘s panel at the MCM London Expo that Tony Lee is set to return for one more four-part story this September called Dead Man’s Hand"

You can read more here.



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