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Excuse Me Mr. Dalek

Posted by goldenplum on May 4, 2015 at 2:35 AM Comments comments (0)

From Shall We Destroy -

Dr Who and the Daleks

Written by Terry Nation and Milton Subotsky, directed by Gordon Flemyng, 1965

I’m a big fan of sixties Doctor Who, and especially of Hartnell. Therefore, you’d be forgiven for expecting me to tow the party line when it comes to the Aaru movies (such as there is even a fan consensus at all): that at best they’re a bit of fun, and at worst a cartoonish Technicolor travesty of the original stories’ relatively unparalleled realism and ‘grittiness’. And I do. I think they’re shit.


But, see, here’s the thing – I’d love, I’d really love to like the films. I love apocrypha – the weird digressions and convolutions that Doctor Who’s colossus-like straddling of numerous media inevitably throws up. I like to be able to go, ‘Hey, you know what – I love the TV originals’ committed approach (which makes their no-budget values pretty much irrelevant), but this is something different

Let's all burst into song

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From Io9-

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Time Warp

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Good times

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Lets talk penguins specifically Frobisher

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From Wiki - Frobisher is a fictional character who appeared in the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip. Now I would like to point out that He is not a pengin really, but he does mostly apear as a pengin. 

Frobisher is a Whifferdill, one of a shape-changing extraterrestrial race.When he first appeared in The Shape Shifter Frobisher was a private investigator calling himself "Avan Tarklu" (a play on the phrase "Haven't a clue").  Frobisher travelled with the Doctor for quite a long time, occasionally parting company only for their paths to cross once again. 

 From the Tardis Data core -  He has apeared in comic and in audiobook form but never on the Doctor Who t.v. show. he traveled with the 6th Doctor and Peri and later with the 7th Doctor. 

One of the reasons I enjoy Frobisher is because he genraly stays in the pengin shape. His ablity to shape shift is not used to save the day. He does have a sense of humar but also has a relentless sense of I can solve this. He does not just call for help  from the Doctor to solve problems. So maby when cgi gets cheeper we will get to see Frobisher in the show. 

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