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Interview about when historical footage found

Posted by goldenplum on September 25, 2015 at 3:55 AM Comments comments (0)

From DR WHO NEWS - During the Pandorica Convention in Bristol, Philip Morris described for the first time in detail his discovery of the 12 film cans in a TV station in Jos, which included all episodes of The Web of Fear and The Enemy of the World. He also reveals that the third episode of Web of Fear was among the cans but went missing again, presumably stolen:  

This is a little bit of a revelation here now. There were twelve cans there, The Web of Fear was complete, the Enemy of the World was complete. I photographed them, the items were recorded, I knew exactly what was there. I said to one of the guys that was there with me, who works for me “make sure you put these films somewhere safe”. Because normally when you find something, you know it might disappear. I certainly didn’t want that to happen. So he put the films somewhere but as he was doing so the station manager came up and said “I’ll take that” and took one can, which was Episode 3, to his office. I didn’t know about this until later on. [...] When they were sent back episode 3 was missing. I highlighted it to the head of the NTAs and he said "are you sure? It was there". I said "there’s the photograph, it was complete". He then went back to the head of the station who said "Oh I put it back on the shelf. He said it must have gotten sent back up again and I didn’t believe that. Because it would have been there, it really would. It broke my heart that this piece was missing and I wanted to know why. Now I had let somebody know that I had found it, it was a big mistake, I realise that. And obviously that information leaked out. So, episode 3 was missing.

Galaxy Four

Posted by goldenplum on December 29, 2014 at 6:45 PM Comments comments (0)

From Tea With Morbius- 


I reviewed Galaxy Four quite a long time ago, but having watched the rediscovered episode three and the new reconstrution on the Aztecs DVD, I thought I ought to write something about it.


The reconstruction on the DVD is very impressive, despite the scarcity of material. It's better than the Loose Canon recon and better than many other recons with far more available photographic material.


I am struck how much this is a story aimed at the kids. Not in the way that today's show aims stuff at children, with dumb laughs and non-stop action, but with a simple plot and simple morals. As I said in my previous review, there is an element of fairytale (not the Disney or Moffat style) in these Hartnell stories.



The recovered episode demonstrates that Stephanie Bidmead's performance as Maaga is less than impressive. As Lawrence Miles and Tat Wood say, she comes across as a "slightly irked school dinner lady," rather than a villain with true menace.


I think the Drahvins are a future offshoot of humanity. Maaga strongly imples that she (unlike her soldiers) is human. That means that this story, like a number of other Hartnell stories is set far into the future. For some reason, the First Doctor seems to end up in the far, far future far more often than his later incarnations.


I think this story would have worked well as a Graham Williams era story. Romana would have been able to fight Maaga, K9 could make Computer Love to the Chumblies and Tom Baker's Doctor would have been completely dismissive of the whole story. Quite a few Graham Williams stories feel like send-ups of the Hartnell era.


I still feel very sorry for the Drahvins who are left to perish with the dying planet. I wish Dr. Who could have found a way to save them.

Trailer for the Newly Found Doctor Who Story, "Web of Fear"

Posted by goldenplum on October 9, 2013 at 10:15 PM Comments comments (0)

From io9 After months of speculation (and dogged reporting by BleedingCool), it's official — you can be among the first people to watch "The Web of Fear" in 45 years, over at iTunes. (Apart from episode three, which remains missing.) Also recovered, in its entirety: the classic Troughton story "The Enemy of the World," in which Troughton plays both the Doctor and the evil dictator Salamander. 

Both of these stories have long been considered among the greatest lost Doctor Who adventures, and they give us more of a view of the under-represented "monster season," Troughton's second year in the role.

Please Click here to view the trailer

I am so happy. Totaly Sqwee worthy.. --Romana

BBC found lost episodes.

Posted by goldenplum on October 9, 2013 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (0)

What does Doctor Who have in common with Tupac Shakur and the Bible?

Posted by goldenplum on July 2, 2013 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (0)

It was announced recently that a large number of lost episodes were found, revealed, discovered, and otherwise presented to the world as the antithesis of the term "lost episodes."


Anyway. I say let them stay lost.


What's that you say? Kill the heretic? Here's a pitchfork...


So. Not a fan of Tupac. But his story of a tragic young thug gettin' gunned down in his prime would have been far more moving had his estate not released more post-houmous albums than living artists are able to release. It's hard to be fascinated by the dead when they keep coming back (a sentence that also seems to define my dislike of Walking Dead.).


Or, the Bible.


That wacky John The Revelator. He sure liked his mushroom tea.


It seems that we can't go a year without hearing about another scroll being found that casts new light on the true nature of Abrahamic religions. The Apocrypha, the Gnostic texts, call them what you will, it takes a certain feel away from the Bible. It starts to be less holy and more... sequel-ish. Like Nightmare on Judaism Street Part 728546925 and 1/2: The Revenge of the Scion!


Same with the Doctor. I know some of our more rabid fans are gabbling about the comparison of the Doctor to various bible characters or rappers, but stick with it.


So. I have, nevermind the actors, this image or idea of what the Doctor is. The more I watch, the less he truly lives in my head. I like the mystery, real and written, of his past. It allows for some fun daydreams and more appeal.


I would rather imagine what the lost Hartnell episode "Doctor Who and the Deathly Hollows" or the lost Pertwee episode of "Battlestar Dalek-tica" was like then sit through it. Let the mystery remain. Stop searching for things that make the Doctor less ephemeral. The imagination is the ultimate funland, and the Doctor is the best action figure in it.


Stop trying to microwave my toys, in other words, with that pesky reality thing. 'Fore I go all thug life on y'all. Word.

---Jonathan Sturdevant

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