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Doctor who Apps

Posted by goldenplum on July 10, 2013 at 10:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Since the phone is now our all around mini computer its nicety have it do a few fun things to entertain us. This is to bring your attion to some nifty

Doctor who Apps. I use Android so am not able to say if these are on IPhone or not.


Dr. Who Guide

This is for new Who and is most neat for Trivia lovers and those going to England. It has locations for episodes and character and story arcs. It is not free :-( at this time it is $1.58.



Doctor Who TARDIS button.

This is a free little app that does as described picture of Tardis makes the materialization sound. or as River put it it makes that sound because you leave the breaks on. Tottaly Free




Doctor Who puzzle.

This is new who game that has 65 puzzles for you to try.  Tottaly free.



Torchwood Triad. In Miricle day you get to see a strange logo on some of the baddies phones a sort of triangle. This is that Tringle its free and kinda neat for Cos-play.  





I think you will enjoy these programs let me know anything you have tried





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