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Podshock 2015 Series Finale Review

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Episode 334

Running Time: 1:32:03

Hosted by Louis Trapani, Dave Cooper, Lee Shackleford, Kyle Jones and Taras


(MP3 format)

???How many seconds in eternity????

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From SI blog -Doctor Who: Series 9, Episode 11 – Heaven Sent 

It was a bold move to have an episode that was, to all intents and purposes, a one man show; but with Steven Moffat’s writing, Rachel Talalay’s direction and, above all, Peter Capaldi’s acting, Heaven Sent turned out to be one of the strongest episodes this year.

While some of Moffat’s scripts chuck idea after ideas into the pot while never properly developing them, this one kept a tight rein on his imagination. All the concepts used paid off handsomely, with some deep philosophical questions posed. For example – the question of free will vs determinism. The entire ep revolves around the hypothesis that every time the Doctor materialises in the teleporter, his subsequent actions – and even speech – never vary. In two billion years. How’s that for predestination?

Then there’s the issue of the teleporter itself. The ‘reset’ that happened at the death of every iteration of the Doctor presumably reset time rather than the ‘pattern buffer’ in the teleporter (very Star Trek). But the Doctor’s comparison with a fax machine still left me pondering, as I often have with Star Trek – if the teleport process is actually creating a copy, what happens to the original? Logically, it’s disintegrated. Killed. So after those two billion years, with the cycle happening roughly every two days, is the Doctor we see at the end the ‘real’ Doctor, or a zillionth generation copy?


Questions, questions. But they didn’t come across as loose ends, rather as genuinely posed puzzlers to which not even the Doctor knows the answers. And if you weren’t pondering those, you could lose yourself in the look and feel of the episode, an atmosphere that was at once sombre and terrifying (I watched it with a 26 year old friend of mine who doesn’t usually watch the show, and at one point he turned to me and said, “this is really scary!”



Make your own Dr Who games online

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Hat tip kasterborous- Budding digital wizards can now create their own games based on their favourite show with the launch on the BBC website of the Doctor Who Game Maker. The site enables users to create and share their own games, either by starting from scratch or from a set of templates. Format choices include platform games and puzzles, and designers can choose which characters and enemies to include. An Arcade area allows users to share their work and lets other visitors try out the games.

You can make on here 

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Peter on the red carpet

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The Doctor is ready to go

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