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From Adventures with the wife in space -

Sue: It’s a bit low-key for a Doctor Who story, isn’t it? From the destruction of a planet to a traffic accident. But I think I like it. It’s a nice change of pace.


As the Doctor and Romana explore the Empress, Sue praises the set design.


Sue: I really like the corridors. I’m a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to corridors in Doctor Who, now. I like the way they’ve used the colour yellow. Yes, very nice.


The Doctor follows Secker into a darkened area of the ship and he watches as the crewman collects a hidden container before leaving.


Sue: Wouldn’t it be funny if he was on drugs?


The Doctor learns that the substance is Vraxoin, the most lethal drug in the known universe.


Sue: Oh, he is on drugs. Well, I wasn’t expecting that. I was only joking.




Sue: When your drug taking starts to interfere with your job, it’s probably time to stop.


Romana is left to examine the CET machine more closely. As she turns a dial, scenes from various planets appear on a large screen on the far wall.


Sue: Haven’t we seen something like this before? Monsters stuck in a TV?

Me: There are some similarities to Carnival of Monsters

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Interview about when historical footage found

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From DR WHO NEWS - During the Pandorica Convention in Bristol, Philip Morris described for the first time in detail his discovery of the 12 film cans in a TV station in Jos, which included all episodes of The Web of Fear and The Enemy of the World. He also reveals that the third episode of Web of Fear was among the cans but went missing again, presumably stolen:  

This is a little bit of a revelation here now. There were twelve cans there, The Web of Fear was complete, the Enemy of the World was complete. I photographed them, the items were recorded, I knew exactly what was there. I said to one of the guys that was there with me, who works for me “make sure you put these films somewhere safe”. Because normally when you find something, you know it might disappear. I certainly didn’t want that to happen. So he put the films somewhere but as he was doing so the station manager came up and said “I’ll take that” and took one can, which was Episode 3, to his office. I didn’t know about this until later on. [...] When they were sent back episode 3 was missing. I highlighted it to the head of the NTAs and he said "are you sure? It was there". I said "there’s the photograph, it was complete". He then went back to the head of the station who said "Oh I put it back on the shelf. He said it must have gotten sent back up again and I didn’t believe that. Because it would have been there, it really would. It broke my heart that this piece was missing and I wanted to know why. Now I had let somebody know that I had found it, it was a big mistake, I realise that. And obviously that information leaked out. So, episode 3 was missing.

Time Eddy

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So, in the midst of all the frenzy about the new series of Doctor Who, the ever-crazy fan speculation, and the general and usual mob of our fandom, I bring good news to the Whovians stateside.The convention will take place October 2nd-4th (next weekend) in Wichita. With the impressive line up of actors and actresses who have played much loved characters, Time Eddy has built up a lot of excitement among fans in the relative region.  The line up includes Colin Baker (Sixth Doctor), Nicola Bryant (Peri Brown), Peter Purves (Steven Taylor – pictured on the right above), Deborah Watling (Victoria Waterfield), Daphne Ashbrook (Dr. Grace Holloway), Frazer Hines (Jamie McCrimmon), Ellis George (Courtney Woods), and more.

More info here.

The Android Invasion

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From The Mind Reels -


The Doctor (Baker) and Sarah-Jane (Elisabeth Sladen) arrive back in the right time, 1980, but still not quite to London. Instead they discover the little town of Devesham, which seems to be completely deserted, the phones don’t seem to work, and when people do show up… they are strange figures all in white with helmeted heads, quickly followed by some oddly behaving villagers.


The Doctor and Sarah suspect there may be something afoot because of the nearby Space Defense Station, which is overseen by UNIT. Upon investigation, the Doctor learns that the station is being run by Guy Crayford (Milton Johns), and seems to be taken over by the same strange thing that happened to the villagers… They’ve been replaced with androids, including Harry (Ian Marter) and their old friend Benton (John Levene), crafted by an alien species known as the Kraals, who have plans of taking over the Earth.


The TARDIS mysteriously vanishes, leading the Doctor to suspect that perhaps they aren’t really on Earth. The pair become suspicious of Crayford… Sarah doesn’t believe they could have encountered the man, because he was believed to have died on a space mission.

When the Doctor is captured, Sarah-Jane sneaks in to help him escape, but as they make their run for freedom, Sarah gets grabbed, and the Kraals use the opportunity to replace her with an android. The Doctor rumbles her very quickly, and finally reveals to the real Sarah that they aren’t on Earth, and explains that is where the TARDIS has continued on to, completing it’s journey as programmed..

When they finally reach Earth, and welcome the help of both Benton and Harry to help stave off the invasion before it can get underway. But their android doubles have arrived as well, and the pairs will have to face off against one another one last time, before the end of the tale.


Happily, the Doctor and Sarah-Jane work to resolve everything as best they can, stopping the Kraals and deactivating all the androids, including their robotic doppelgänger, just in the nick of time.





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From the I like Dr.Who Project - Why I like the Shrivenzale

..from “the Ribos Operation.” The dominant civilization on Ribos has the distinct (and delicious) flavor of medieval Russia. Resplendent furred hats, cool lamplighting ceremonies - the bad guys are even designed after the Evil Teutons in Alexander Nevsky. And no medieval treasure room, Russian or otherwise, would be complete unless guarded by a dragon.

.The Shrivenzale is for all purposes a dragon - it’s green, toothsome, and guards a hoard. Not its own hoard, but what can you do? It is an animal-style dragon, not the so-called Man-Dragon of Beowulf and Beowulf derivatives (eg the Hobbit), high medieval rather than eddaic. And this is fine; “the Ribos Operation” has more than enough villains as it is - a good old-fashioned monster is a nice switch up. (Robert Holmes seems to be good at this. Compare the Magma Beast from “the Caves of Androzani).

What I like about the Shrivenzale, apart of course from the automatic appeal of IT’S A MEDIEVAL RUSSIAN ALIEN SPACE DRAGON, is that it is otherwise wholly unremarkable. The Shrivenzale is just another part of the daily routine. At night after locking up you raise the gate so it can patrol the treasure room, in the morning you blow the horn so it comes back to its pen to be fed, allowing you to lower the gates again. Operant conditioning at its absolute most basic. I also really love that horn call. This episode has some of the most top-notch world building in the entire show, and the Shrivenzale is part of that - just your work-a-day treasure-guarding dragon.

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