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Sqwee. New Toy. Complete with moving ears, light up eyes and extending nose probe, our faithful K-9 is at your service. Just use the app on your IOS or Android device to control the Doctor Who K-9.

Found Here

Snow Day

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Its from here.

k-9 roundup

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 I wanted to share some K-9 toys and other fun stuff. The Doctors robot dog has a neet little toy over at Think Geek.

I also like the 50's style poodle skirt from Make online." Now, K is a fan girl and not a girly girl at all, so though she wanted to wear a poodle skirt, she was not interested in some fluffy pink poodle on a pearl leash. Oh no. It had to be something fan related."You can see the project here.

Bob Baker who created the character k-9 has writen a book about his life. you can find a hard cover signed copy here.

I also wanted to show a home made k-9.

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you can read a bit about it here.

  Also, the BBC had a little web based video game for K-9. Don't get lost in the Vortex. It's called K9: Deja Who. You can find it here.


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