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David Tennant and Catherine Tate Are Returning to the Doctor Who Universe

Posted by goldenplum on December 12, 2015 at 3:55 AM Comments comments (0)

From Vulture - Allons-y to the exciting world of audio! Donna Noble might have had her memory wiped at the end of her tenure as the Tenth Doctor's feisty companion, but that's not stopping Catherine Tate and David Tennant from reuniting once again in the Who-niverse for another rendezvous. As announced today by Big Finish, Tennant will be returning as the Tenth Doctor, and Tate as Noble, in a series of three audio dramas for the company.

The specials will be released simultaneously in May 2016, and all feature different and unique plots: Doctor Who – The Tenth Doctor Adventures: Technophobia is set in near-future London, when mankind starts to lose its ability to use technology; Doctor Who – The Tenth Doctor Adventures: Time Reaver centers around a scoundrel-ridden mechanical planet; and Doctor Who – The Tenth Doctor Adventures: Death and the Queen finds the lovestruck Noble in the unknown and mysterious land of Goritania. If history repeats itself, we're expecting a lot of classic Doctor-Donna banter. And running. Lots of running.

Comic books tell me more

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Covers for the comics that are going to be published with Titan publishing. There is more infor here. Hat Tip to BBC Tumblr. 

Tenth Doctor

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  From the Nerdist. 


In Christmas 2005, Doctor Who offered up the first of what is now the obligatory Christmas special, “The Christmas Invasion.” In it, the Doctor is incapacitated due to his regeneration for most of the story and Rose is left having to try to save the world from an alien invasion while being totally unsure who this strange man who used to be her friend is. Eventually, though, the Doctor is up and at ‘em and we got a good glimpse of the kind of man he’d become. He even has a sword fight.


Starting out as the complete diametric opposite of his direct predecessor, the Tenth Doctor dropped most of the dour brooding (at least initially) and had a definite sense of fun. He approached every new adventure with a childlike amount of excitement and glee. He was the most outwardly “human” of all the incarnations, in that he had no problem relating to them and this resulted in much more human relationships with his companions. 10 was the first time the Doctor was, more or less, a romantic lead, freely locking lips with a number of attractive young ladies. While being incredibly whimsical, the Tenth Doctor nevertheless had zero tolerance for those who put innocent lives in danger. His style was often described as “Geek Chic,” consisting of tailored striped suits, Chuck T’s and a large brown raincoat...



Some recomended episodes are double episodes of The Impossible Planet/ The Satan Pit


Arriving at a Sanctuary Base, the Doctor and Rose encounter the horrifying yet seemingly docile race called the Ood, which turn out to be the servants for the base’s crew. The planet, “Krop Tor,” is an anomaly: A planet that orbits a black hole without being sucked into it. The Ood’s translation spheres begin proclaiming that “the Beast will awaken,” and the Doctor must figure out what is going on and who to belive.





Sally Sparrow enters an old, crumbling house called Wester Drumlins to look for things to photograph. Instead she finds strange angel statues, a key in the hand of one of them, and messages written behind peeling wallpaper addressed to her from someone called “The Doctor.” The messages warn Sally of “the Weeping Angels.”


“Blink” is pretty roundly considered the best new series episode and it’s certainly the best writing Moffat has done for the non-Moffat era. The Doctor shows up only in snippets to deliver exposition, making him the Obi-Wan Kenobi of the piece, but even the exposition is done incredibly cleverly. Moffat introduces us to the truly terrifying Weeping Angels and the concept of “Timey-Wimey,” which is a good way to describe most of Moffat’s output. For a show about time travelers, it’s pretty rare that it explores the actual concept of time traveling and how it can appear from an outsider’s perspective. The central character here is Sally Sparrow, portrayed by future Oscar-nominee Carey Mulligan and it’s because she does such a good job that the episode’s odd themes play so well.

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