We are the Whovians of Wichita and we would like to welcome you to our growing Doctor Who fandom community in South Central Kansas.

Doctor Who Fan Groups and Communities in other locations..

For those folks who have found our website but do not happen to live in South Central Kansas area, you may want to check out the following Doctor Who fandom groups.  One may be in your area!   If you happen to be a member of an active group not listed or know of one in your area and would like us to add it to the list, please e-mail us at whoviansofwichita@gmail.com and let us know.  Thank you!!

Last updated: 3/21/2014


To make things easier for you to find we have broken down the United States into the following regions:

Central, Ohio River Valley, North Central, Gulf Coast, Southern, Mid-Atlantic, New England, Rocky Mountain and the Pacific Coast



Junior Whovians of Wichita

For the younger set of Whovians in the Wichita area (below the age of 18) we have a group just for you!  Most of their meet-ups take place during the school year.  You can get in touch with them on the Facebook page below.

Junior W.O.W. Facebook


Kansas Whovians

A group of Doctor Who fans in and around Kansas has a Facebook page.

Kansas Whovians Facebook


Whovians of Lawrence and Topeka

The newest Doctor Who group in Kansas is on Facebook and is looking for members!

W.O.L.&T. Facebook


Time Lords of Kansas

The revived Time Lords of Kansas group has an online Facebook presence.

T.L.O.K. Facebook


Central Oklahoma Whovians

Whovians in the central Oklahoma area have a Facebook group with meet-ups, cosplay and a Twitter feed.

C.O.W. Facebook


OKC Whovians

Doctor Who fans in the Oklahoma City area are organizing a new Whovians group with meet-ups and cosplay.

OKC Whovians Facebook


Oklahoma Whovians

Our friends and family in the Sooner State have a Facebook site all their own, with occasional meet-ups.

OKC Whovians Facebook



Serendipity is Oklahoma's oldest existing Doctor Who fandom group.  They have meet-ups and a Facebook page.

Serendipity Facebook page


Tulsa Doctor Who Viewing Society

The Tulsa based Doctor Who fan group has meet-ups and has a Facebook page.

T.D.W.V.S. Facebook


Doctor Who Fan Club of Nebraska - TARDIS Travelers of Lincoln

The Lincoln, Nebraska based Doctor Who fan group.

D.W.F.C.N. Facebook



A closed membership Facebook group online.

WHObraska.com's Facebook


The Universal Network of Iowan Time Lords

Iowa online group. 

U.N.I.T. Yahoo Group 


Kansas City Time Lord Society

They have meetings and also are very active in cosplay.  The best place to contact them is on Facebook.

K.C.T.L.S. website

K.C.T.L.S. Facebook


St. Louis Celestial Intervention Agency

St. Louis' local Whovian club, with meetings at the library.

C.I.A. website

C.I.A. Facebook


Doctor Who Arkansas

Whovians in Arkansas have their own Facebook Community Page. 

D.W.A. Facebook


Whovians of Central Arkansas and Other Geekdoms

A Facebook page for fans of Doctor Who from all around central Arkansas.

W.O.C.A.A.O.G. Facebook


River Valley Time Lords

Fans in the Fort Smith area have created their own Facebook page to get to know other fans.

R.V.T.L. Facebook


DFW Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Doctor Who Meetup Group

Doctor Who fans in the DFW metroplex have meet-ups and get togethers.

DFW.W.W.T.W.D.W.M.G. meet-up page


Doctor Who Fan Club Of Texas

An online fan club based out of Austin Texas.

D.W. F.C.O.T. Facebook


Doctor Who Fans Unite

San Antonio Doctor Who Fans with meetings monthly.

Fans Unite website 



The Houston Doctor Who and Science Fiction Meet-up Group

Whovians in Houston that have meet-ups to discuss and watch Doctor Who.

H.D.W.S.F.M.G. Facebook


Space City Time Lords!

Online club in Houston TX.

Space City Yahoo group

Space City Facebook


Time Lords of Denton

A closed group on Facebook for Denton area Whovians!

TLOD Facebook



Illinois, Kentucky, West Virginia, Ohio and Indiana


Central Illinois Doctor Who Fan Club

A Doctor Who club with monthly meet-ups.

C.I.D.W. website

C.I.D.W. Facebook


Chicago Doctor Who

They have meetups and cosplay.

C.D.W. website


The McHenry County Whovians 

The McHenry county Illinois area Whovian group.  They have meetups at the River East Public Library in Lakemoor.

McHenry website



Kentuckiana Whovians

A newly formed group in the Louisville, KY area looking for members.  Has meet-ups and a Facebook page.

K.W. Facebook


Doctor Who Columbus

A club in Columbus, Ohio they have some meetings.

D.W.C. website

D.W.C. Yahoo group 


Friends of the Time Lord

Cincinnati's connection for Doctor Who fandom.  They have meet-ups and a Facebook page.

F.O.T.L. Facebook


The Ohio Type 40

A online group. They are for in-state Ohio folk only.

Ohio Yahoo Group


The Whoosier Network

You guessed it, a Doctor who fans in Indianapolis, Indiana.  They have meet ups.

Whoosier website

Whoosier Facebook

Whoosier Yahoo board


Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota


Ypsi Whovians

Ypsilanti area Doctor Who fans rejoice! There is a meet-up group in your area.

Ypsi Whovians meet-up page


The Milwaukee Time Lords

Fans in the cold north. Big Hug to our frozen buddies.  

M.T.L. website

M.T.L. Facebook



The Twin Cities Doctor Who Meetup Group

Minneapolis group.

Twin Cities website 


Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida


Krewe Du Who

New Orleans based Doctor Who fan club.  They have meetings and cosplay.

Krewe Facebook 

Krewe website


The Blue Box Companions

Meet ups in Birmingham, Alabama.

BBC website

BBC Facebook 


The Guardians Of Gallifrey

A Doctor Who fan club in Orlando, Florida that has meet-ups and cosplay.

G.O.G. website

G.O.G. Facebook

G.O.G. Google message board


Manasota Whovians

A 18+ Whovians meet-up group in Manasota, FL.

Manasota Whovians


Whovians of Florida

Fans of the erstwhile Time Lords have formed a Facebook group in Florida.

W.O.F. Facebook


Atlanta Gallifreyans

The place for fans to meet-up and share their love of Doctor Who since 2005.  They have a Yahoo Group page.

Atlanta Gallifreyans Yahoo page


Whovians of Memphis

Memphis Doctor Who fans have organized a group on Facebook and have meet-ups as well!  Woot!

W.O.M. Facebook



The Raleigh North Carolina Doctor Who fan club that has meet-ups.

CW website



Lakelands of South Carolina Doctor Who Society

An online group.

S.C.D.W. Facebook


Northern Virginia Doctor Who Viewing Society

A message board group that also holds viewing parties.

N.V.D.W. yahoo group



Columbia Whovians

Columbia University based Whovians in New York host weekly meet-ups and viewing parties!  Sounds like fun! 

C.W. Facebook

C.W. Twitter


Cornell Society of Whovians

A Cornell University based Whovian group in New York that have meet-ups and cosplay. 

C.S.O.W. Facebook

C.S.O.W. website


Doctor Who New York

Whovians in New York started this group in March 2005, and they now have hundreds of members in the New York City area.  There is no membership fee.

D.W.N.Y. website


Prydonians of Prynceton

The Prydonians have meet-ups and a Facebook page for those of you in the Princeton, NJ area.

P.O.P. Facebook


The Philadelphia Doctor Who Meetup Group

Philly fans have a meet-up group to call their own!  Woo-hoo!!

T.P.D.W.M.G meet-up page


Doctor Who Anonymous

Whovians in the nation's capital have their own group that has meet-ups! 

D.W.A. meet-up page


The Greater Baltimore/D.C. Doctor Who Club

Baltimore and D.C. area fan rejoice, this Facebook group is looking for new members! 

G.B.DC.D.W.C. Facebook


Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine


Fairfield County's Establishment of Timelords

An online Doctor Who Fan club based in Connecticut.

F.C.E.O.T. Yahoo page


Boston Whovians

A place for Whovians in the Boston area to congregate!  They have meet-ups and a Facebook page!

B.W. Facebook


Doctor Who and BBC Fans of Western Massachusetts

Like the name says, these fans are in the Northhampton area and have a meet-up page.



Time Lords of Gordon

A "flock" of Whovians from Gordon College in Massachusetts that have meet-ups.

T.L.O.G. Facebook


Whovians of Vermont

Doctor Who fans in Vermont have created a closed group on Facebook for meeting fellow Whovians.

W.O.V. Facebook



Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico


Colorado Whovians

Whovians in Colorado have organized and have their own group on Facebook and have meet-ups.

C.W. Facebook 


Bronies, Whovians, Trekkies, Ringers and MORE

Not strictly a Doctor Who group, but a group that shares an interest in Doctor Who for Whovians in the Salt Lake City region with an online Facebook page.  

B.W.T.R.A.M. Facebook


The Las Vegas Whovians

For Doctor Who fans in the Las Vegas, NV area to meet-up and discuss their favourite show. 

L.V.W. Facebook


T.A.R.D.I.S. - The Arizona Regional Doctor Interest Society

T.A.R.D.I.S. is an Arizona based Doctor Who fan club that has been around for 29 years.  They have a website and a mobile site, and a Facebook page that you can visit -and- they have meet-ups as well!

T.A.R.D.I.S. website

T.A.R.D.I.S. mobile site

T.A.R.D.I.S. Facebook


ABQ Doctor Who Fans

Albuquerque's Doctor Who fans have a meetup page where they can meet fellow Whovians!

ABQ.D.W.F. meet-up page

Albuquerque Whovians

Doctor Who fans in the Albuquerque, NM region have meet-ups, and their own website and Facebook page.

A.W. website

A.W. Facebook



Coachella Valley Whovians

Yup, the Doctor Who fans in the Coachella Valley have formed a meet-up group and are looking for members!

C.V.W.  meet-up page


The Legion of Rassilon

The Legion is the San Francisco Bay area's longest running Doctor Who fan club.  They have meet-ups and a websitethat you can contact them at.

T.L.O.R. website


The Time Meddlers of Los Angeles

Southern California's longest running Doctor Who Fan Club that has meet-ups every month to socialize and celebrate all that is Doctor Who.

T.M.O.L.A. wesbite 

T.M.O.L.A. Facebook


Central Oregon Whovians

Doctor Who fans living in Central Oregon have a closed Facebook group online.

C.O.W. Facebook


Doctor Who Seattle

Whovians in Seattle have an online Facebook page they can be a part of.

D.W.S. Facebook


Emerald City Androgums

As described on Facebook, "One of Western Washington's great "Doctor Who" meeting-and-eating groups!"

E.C.A. Facebook


Seattle Pacific Whovians

Doctor Who fans who are students in Seattle Pacific University have organized their own Facebook group for meet-ups and events.

S.P.W. Facebook


Doctor Whovians of Alaska

Fans of Doctor Who in Alaska have a closed group on Facebook they can join.

D.W.O.A. Facebook

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