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Posted by goldenplum on May 23, 2015 at 1:45 AM

From Dr Who TV - There’s a school of thought that I’ve probably mentioned in the past, which is that Murray Gold has had his time as a composer. Even now, I cannot reiterate how much I passionately abhor that line of thinking.

Still, this isn’t just a rant. It’s worth taking a brief moment out to look at why exactly some people don’t like Murray Gold’s work, and the most common criticism of him at present is his music’s habit of repetition. This doesn’t seem to be something the show has worked a way around yet. Take Kill the Moon, for instance – it’s made up of a set of brilliant tracks, but the main action theme takes a few too many rounds. And however terrific Death in Heaven’s soundtrack is, it’s hard not to notice that the last few scenes compose of reused tracks.

If there’s one solution to this, though, it’s not to remove Murray Gold altogether – it’s to let someone else give a working hand. One of television’s finest soundtracks is Sherlock, which is worked on by both David Arnold and Michael Price. And if Ben Foster has any time after his work on other shows such as Happy Valley and Our Girl, perhaps he could make a return to the Whoniverse by teaming up with Gold.


Because this brings me onto the point of what I’ve just discussed, which is that the problem of repetition is fundamentally misunderstood by most of the people who complain about it. To be clear, repetition in this case is simply an issue defined by a lack of time. Take a look at 2013, one of Gold’s most demanding years, where many tracks were reused not just for nostalgia but because other new ones were not completed in time. Then take a look at 2012, one of his least demanding years, which was comprised of a set of brand new and superlative tracks. It’s clear that Gold is capable of variety over a wide scope of musical genres, and that he’s still as original and creative as ever. It’s solely an issue of time.

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